Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Online and on television everyone agrees 2020 was a terrible year, but now it's 2021 and I'm looking forward to a better future. Cheers!

The Music Report for Today 11/15/2020

The top selling Joe Cahill Songs on Youtube Music are listed below.

"I Don't Want to Lose You" - I Reinvent

"Talking Pictures" - Framed

"I Hate Feeling Blue; I Hate it When It Rains" - I Reinvent

"Looking For My Baby" - Vanishing Acts

Music Report for Today 2/21/2020

" European Son"

(Vanishing Acts)


The Music Report For Today 

Top Selling Joe Cahill Songs on The Internet.  

"I Reinvent"

(I Reinvent)

(iTunes U.S.)

"What Are You So Afraid Of?"

(I Reinvent)

(Google Music Store)

"I Think I Still Love You"

(Eclectic Plastic Factory)


"Politically Avant Garde"

(Politically Avant Garde)

(YouTube Music) 


You fans totally Rock.  Thanks For Your Support!

This website has been running now through the month of February.  The Music Report will be a regular staple here on the news section of the site.  Stay tuned to Joe Cahill Music for more details.  

Writing Retreat With Natalie Goldberg.

August 3-7 

Madeline Island School of the Arts on Lake Superior.  -

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February is Black History Month.  I'm inspired by Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many others.  It's important to remember that Black History is American History.  

Today I'm listing the top selling Joe Cahill songs on the web.  

"I Think I Still Love You"

_Eclectic Plastic Factory)


"I'm In Too Deep"


(Amazon il)

"Do You Think I Think Too Much?"

(Lost Weekends)

(Google Music Shop)

This past week I've been busy with a moving session.  Not moving into a new home, but  the Joe Cahill Music Site has moved from Hostbaby to Bandzoogle.  But that doesn't change a thing for you fans.  Check back here on this page for some more Rockin' news.