Lost Weekends

Joe's debut pop album. Includes styles; Punk meets Motown, Rock, R&B, Jazz and feel-good pop. CDBaby Page Buy this album and other CD's at CDBaby.


A British Pop EP CD containg seven Rock songs; Psychedelic, Punk Funk, Hard Rock, R& B Rock. On Sale Now. Buy it at CDBaby!

Joe Cahill At AppleITunes

A link to Joe's music at the AppleITunes store. Popular downloads are; "Persian Flu", "Sometimes", "Gypsy Man" and "Runaway". AppleiTunes


The new album from Joe Cahill. A quirky, underground Rock, Punk offering. FRAMED Cahill's Bauhaus exhibit of sound portraits. Included here are songs about; substance abuse, mistreated monsters, a taxi driver who dreams of Rock & Roll Stardom, and, a trip to the museum.

Kaleidoscope At Apple iTunes

The first Psychedelic EP CD. All the favorite songs are here; "Fantasia", "Seasons", "Dark Angel" and more. Just click the link and you're there. Kaleidoscope at iTunes The iTunes Store. Download your favorite Joe Cahill songs here.

Framed At Payplay

Now the latest Joe Cahill album is available at payplay Framed@Payplay


The new unplugged Punk/Pop EP, co=produced with John Carey. Enter a dysfunctional world of skewed logic and chaos. A world of substance abuses, supernatural killers, Angels, psychedelic buses that break down and a cryptic monologue delivered in front of a tv screen. CDBaby

Politically Avant Garde

The fifth CD from Joe Cahill. A tongue-in cheek take on the then 2008 presidential candidates. And a sci fil take on ilegal aliens and Writer's Block. Produced by John Carey. Quirky Punk Pop After sirviving a car accident in 2007 and undergoing various physical therapies, Joe finished up Rehab in April of the following year and went bakc to work in the studio to cut Politically Avant Garde, a tingue in cheek look at the current situation in U.S. politics and pop culture. Less dark thean Reverberations, it's a fun party Punk Pop slice of life with a Sci Fi feel. Enjoy.

Back In Blue

Joe Cahill's retirm tp {iml ,eets _

Back In Blue

The ultimate Punk Blues Jam. A deluxe fusion of old and new styles in one EP. Includes the hit songs 'Brother Morphine" and "I Keep Trying". _

Vanishing Acts

The new full elngth album from Joe Cahill. Vanishing Acts is an around the world party of Punk Fusion. Vanishing Acts This album is an around the world party of Punk Fusion. There are references to old songs such as "Lost Weekends' and "Dream Of Egypt", but also a diverse mix of genres: NY Punk, Surfer Punk, some new wave and soul and of all things Brazilian Punk.