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Joe Cahill: News

Hit Song Update: The News In Muisc For Today - March 23, 2017

"Biker Baby" from "Framed" is a hit on iTunes uk. Here's a link to the CDBaby page. Enjoy.

Estella Visits The Pope - March 23, 2017

Pope Francis received a kiss from an extatic visitor. Three year old Estella. The toddler also grabbed the Pontiff's hat. Guards quickly retrieved it. The Pope laughed good natredly. Estella is an online celebrity.
Here's the link. Click on it and see for yourself.

Hit Song Update: "I Don't Want To Lose You" Hit In uk. Music News For Today - March 9, 2017

This update just in: "I Don't Want To Lose You" from the "I Reinvent" album is a hit on iTunes uk.

Pope Francis GivesWorshippers A Message For Season Of Lent - March 9, 2017

Pope Francis tells Catholics to put down the cell phones, iPads and pick up the Bible. He says believers should pay more attention to the gospels and less to social media.

Fun and Informative Links - February 23, 2017

I decided to share this link with you because it was my source for travel, news, cooking and muic when I was in northern Virginia. This is Maryland Public Televison.
Here's that link.

Maya Angelou On American Masters Tuesday February 21 - February 23, 2017

Singer, dancer, writer poet and activist Maya Angelou was featured on American Masters on PBS this week. The program aired on Tuesday night at eight pm. Inspiring. Did you miss it? Here's the link.
And, if you want to visit Maya's website, click here.

Hit Song Update: The News In Music For Today - February 16, 2017

The hit songs for February on Spotify are; "I'm Blue" and "I Don't Want To Lose You". Many thanks to all of you fans.

Black History Month - February 10, 2017

This is Black History Month. It's important to remember the struggles and triumphs of the past from Leadres such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Black History is American History. Here's a website where you can read all about it.
Click on the link and check them out.

The D.I.Y. Musician Conference In Nashville, TN. This August - January 26, 2017

For those that don't know; D.I.Y. Musician is an abbreviation for, Do It Yourself. Their convention is in Nashville this summer; August twenty fifth to the twenty seventh. Check the website for details.

Read all about it.

The Holocoust Remembered Tomorrow; January 27th. - January 26, 2017

Tomorrow is a day for Holocoust Remembrance. . Six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis during world war two. Here's a website to check out.

Mary Tyler Moore Died Yesterday - January 26, 2017

She turned the world of tv on with her smile. We called her Mary and welcomed her into our living rooms. TV Icon Mary Tyler Moore died at age eighty yesterday. She will be greatly missed.
Goodbye, Mary.

Hit Song Update: The News In Music For Today - January 26, 2017

We've got more hit songs for January. ?Deep In The Dark" from ECLECTIC PLASTIC FACTORY is a fave on Amazon. Another song from this album is a hit on Spotify; "Mad Love". The Joe Cahill hit song on iTunes is "Runaway" from my LOST WEEKENDS album.
As always, thanks to you fans for keeping my music in spin. You totally Rock!

Joe Turns 51 On January 20th - January 18, 2017

Yes, you read that right; Friday is my birthday. Since many of you fans are streaming or downloading "Lost Weekends", here's a link for you if you want to find your favorite song. Thanks.

Martin Luther King jr Day January 16 - January 18, 2017

This past Monday was Martin Luther King Day. I celebrated by playing a Mahalia Jackson CD and saw an uplifting program on the view. It's an important time to remember the unity we share in America.

Steve Jones Of The Sex Pistols Writes A Book - January 18, 2017

Steve Jones, one of the founders of the Punk band, The Sex Pistols, wrote a book;"Lonely Boy". He tells the story of his abusive father, his drug addiction and his music. Powerful stuff.

Civil Rights Icon Bouycotts Inaugeration - January 18, 2017

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis claims Trump's Presidency is illegitmitae. He will not be attending the inauguration on January twentieth.

Hit Song Update:The News In Music For Today - January 12, 2017

The oldies keep coming back. The Hit Song on iTunes for the month of January is..."Sometimes" from the "Lost Weekends" album. I've said it here many times before, but I'll say it again; You fans totally Rock!

Hsppy Nre Year - January 5, 2017

The shopping snd feasting sre over. But the Christmsdmas holiday goes on until Jsnusry sixth.

Hit Song Update For This Month - December 22, 2016

Here's the latest news on the fave internet song here at Joe Cahill Music. "I Don't Want To Lose You" is a hit in northern Virginia. If you've heard this song when I performed it onstage or elsewhere but don't have it for your own, you can download it at this link. Just click below.

Walking & Writing - December 22, 2016

In the past few months, I started working on my Morning Pages Journal again. I also take a walk along Route Nine on my way to the diner for breakfast. These activites spurred on some more songwriting and other activites that you will be reading about more during the New Year. There are some projects on the burner that you may like and I've gotten something of a head start on them. Writing and walk helps to stir up that creativity. If you want to keep your hand moving, here's a link to Julia Cameron's website.

Friend News - December 22, 2016

Bassist John Carey has been hard at work in singer/songwriter Steve Messina's band. They've had steady gigs on Manhattan's Upper West Side. If you want to get info on where John is playing next, go visit his website. The link is posted below3.

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah - December 22, 2016

Yes, it's the holiday season. I'm thankful to all of you for keeping the music alive and hope you have a joyful Christmas and Chanukah.

Hit Song Update - December 7, 2016

Here's the latest news from Spotify U.S. A.; "Fantasia" is a hit. The "Kaleidoscope" EP cam out eleven years ago. The song is still a hit. As always, Thanks to you fans for keeping the music in spin.

Election Vote Recount In Pennsylvania - December 7, 2016

On December 5th, Green Party candidate Jill Stein gave aspeech outside Trump Tower in New York. She announced her plans tofor a recount of the votes in Pennsylvania, where Trump narrowly won. Meanwhile, her lawyers in Philadelphia sued for the recount. Stein told supporters in New York; "We will not be bullied." Much talk and speculation followed the announcement; but many feel it will make no difference in the election results.

Feast of The Lady of Guadelupe - December 1, 2016

On Monday December 12th, Catholics celebrate the Fest of the Virgin of Guadelupe. It's the time when the Lady of Guadelupe appeaqred to Juan Diego. An important day in the Mexican calendar but in the Church as a whole. She is the patroness of the Americas.
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