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Joe Cahill: News

"Spotlight" Has A Fan Base In New Jersey - November 10, 2018

"Spotlight: How I Became A Singer/Songwriter" has a devoted following and I have been getting favorable feedback, her in New Jersey. The book is available exclusively on Amazon/kindle. It goes onsale everywhere else in January.

Blondie In Chile Tomorrow - November 9, 2018

Blondie will perform in Santiago, Chile this Saturday, November tenth. The tide is high and they're cruising on.

"Spotlight" Selling In New Jersey & Pennsylvania - November 7, 2018

"Spotlight: How I Became A Singer/Songwriter", the new book by Jow Cahill, is developing a growing readership in South Jersey and in Pennsylvania. Stay tuned here for more news.

Democrats Flip The House - November 7, 2018

Last night, the Democrats won over thirty seats in the House of Representatives. They needed twenty si to win, and they won in a big way. But the Senate remains Repbulican controlled. Still, people are breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to the winds of change.

Tom Wolf Wins In Pennsylvania - November 7, 2018

Governor Tom Wolf wins in re-election bid over his rival Scott Wagner. One year ago, Tom Wolf provided sanctuary for a Syrian family who were in danger of deportation.

The Music Report For Today - October 23, 2018

The hit song on Spotify today is "Illegal Punk Aliens". That song is still the biggest hit from the Politically Avant Garde" album. "

Spotlight On Sale Today - October 22, 2018

Yes. You saw it here. Today is the day. "Spotlight: How I Became A Singer/Songwriter" is available exclusivly at Amazon Kindle.
Download your copy today.

The Music Report For Today - October 19, 2018

The hit songs online are: "Shimmy", "Black Coffee And Cigarettes", "Who Do You Think You Are?", "Stranger On St. Mark's Place", "What Are You So Afraid Of?", "Don't Make Me Stop Now" and "Do You Think I Think Too Much?" It's great to have such loyal fans. There's more news to come. Cheers.

Weather Update For Saturday - October 6, 2018

This morning, there was a light snowfall in Michigan. There was just enough snow to cover the cars.The temperature in Philadelphia is 60 degrees. On the Jersey shore, the temp is 66. Tomorrow is back to that dread "Hottober" hear.

Weather Report From Philadelphia: October As Hottober Won't Be Gone For Long - October 4, 2018

The weather tonight in Center City is hazy. The temperature is 86 degrees. There are some flashes of lightning. Tomorrow, we get some much needed fall -like weathe. 71 degrees and cloudy is the outlook. Saturday is 73 degrees and cloudy. But Sunday, the summer like Hottober makes a comeback. The temps go up to 80 degrees. The hear is off and then it's on.

Other Music News - October 2, 2018

Blondie will appear in Santiago, Chile on November 10th.
For more Blonde facts, go to
Cheers to Debbie, Chirs and the rest of the band!

The Music Report For Today - September 30, 2018

Here's a list of hit songs on iTunes.
"I Reinvent"
"Black Coffee And Cigarettes"
"I'm Blue".

Book News - September 24, 2018

"Spotlight", the new ebook by Joe Cahill, will be available exclusinly on Amazon Kindle for 90 days. After that it goes on sale everywhere else. Other stories selling the book are; iBooks, Barnes&Noble. "Spotlight" gos on sale October 22nd. Watch for it!

The Music Report For Today - September 22, 2018

Her's a list of the hit songs on Spotify.
"Do You Think I Think Too Much?"
"What Are You So Afraid Of?"
"I Hate Feelin' Blue--I Hate It When it Rains"
"European Son"
"Illgeal Punk Aliens".
Many Thanks to the Hitmakers out there.

The Music Report For Today - September 13, 2018

Here's a list of the hit songs today.
"I'm Blue" from Lost Weekends.
"Black Coffee And Cigarettes" from Framed.
"Stranger On St. Mark's Place" from Politically Avant Garde.
You fans totally Rock.
F.Y.I. The book will be out on October 22nd. Watch for it!

Spotlight; More News On The New Book - August 31, 2018

"Spotlight", the ne ebook by Joe Cahill, will be up and running on the internet in three to four weeks. There's more news to come, so stay tuned!

The Music Report For Today - August 31, 2018

"European Son" from the "Vanishing Acts" album is a hit on Amaazon uk Prime. Thanks to all of you fans in the uk and elsewhere. You totally Rock!

JoeCahill Writes ebook - August 22, 2018

Stop the presses! "Spotlight" the new ebook by Joe Cahill is due to hit online stores on Monday October 22nd. The book chronicles; my early singing and composing endeavors, from middle school, high school, college and beyond. The book includes press clippings, song lyrics and a n album review. I also write about the car acident in 2007 and how, five years after, I became a caregiver to my mom, who had dementia.

The Music Report For Today - August 21, 2018

The hit song on Google Music Shop today is; "It Should Be So Easy". You fans totally Rock. Fasten your seat belts; there's more news to come!

The Music Report For Today - August 19, 2018

The biggest hit song online now is "I'm A Refugee". The hit songs on Spotify are;
"What Are You So Afraid Of?"
"Black Coffee And Cigarettes"
"Take Me"
"Space Girls

Aretha Franklin Queen Of Soul Is Dead - August 16, 2018

Philadelphia mourn the loss and celebrates the life, music and legacy of Aretha Franklin. She sang for kings and queens and earned for herself the titl Queen of Soul. She died of cancer this morning in her Detroit home. She was 76.

White Naationalists Plan A Rally Across The Street From The White House But Police And Counter Protesters Are Ready - August 12, 2018

White Nationalists plan to rally in Wasington D.C. for a vigil called "Unite The Right Two". Non[violent counterprotesters also plan to demonstrate. In the one year wake of the killing in Carlottesville, Virginia, Police in D.C. plan to keep Neo-Nazis and protesters separated to avoid the violence and killng at last year's rally.

The Music Report For Today - August 1, 2018

The Top Cahill song on the worldwide web is "Illegal Punk Aliens". So many of you have made this song your hit. A close secondfor fave songs is "I'm A Refugee ". Stay tuned to his page for the month of August. Things are happening and the wheels are in spin. I should havve more info in two weeks or so. Pretty soon, we're gonna blast off!

The Music Report For Today - July 25, 2018

And the hits just keep on coming!
The fave songs are:
"Stranger On St. Mark's Place", "Space Girls", "Illegal Punk Aliens", "Black Coffee And Cigarettes", "The Dutchman", "I Reinvent", "It Should Be So EAsy", "I Don't Want To Lose You" and "Shimmy". These songs are selling at multiple venues; iTnes, Amazon, Spotify and the Google Music Store. Thank you so much, fans.

Friend News: John Carey In Waretown This Sunday - July 25, 2018

Working Bassist, John Carey, is on the road with an Eagles Cover Band. They are set to perform at Briars Green, Waretown, on Sunday night July 29th at 8pm. The show is sold out.
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