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Joe Cahill: News

The Music Report For Today - September 22, 2018

Her's a list of the hit songs on Spotify.
"Do You Think I Think Too Much?"
"What Are You So Afraid Of?"
"I Hate Feelin' Blue--I Hate It When it Rains"
"European Son"
"Illgeal Punk Aliens".
Many Thanks to the Hitmakers out there.

The Music Report For Today - September 13, 2018

Here's a list of the hit songs today.
"I'm Blue" from Lost Weekends.
"Black Coffee And Cigarettes" from Framed.
"Stranger On St. Mark's Place" from Politically Avant Garde.
You fans totally Rock.
F.Y.I. The book will be out on October 22nd. Watch for it!

Spotlight; More News On The New Book - August 31, 2018

"Spotlight", the ne ebook by Joe Cahill, will be up and running on the internet in three to four weeks. There's more news to come, so stay tuned!

The Music Report For Today - August 31, 2018

"European Son" from the "Vanishing Acts" album is a hit on Amaazon uk Prime. Thanks to all of you fans in the uk and elsewhere. You totally Rock!

JoeCahill Writes ebook - August 22, 2018

Stop the presses! "Spotlight" the new ebook by Joe Cahill is due to hit online stores on Monday October 22nd. The book chronicles; my early singing and composing endeavors, from middle school, high school, college and beyond. The book includes press clippings, song lyrics and a n album review. I also write about the car acident in 2007 and how, five years after, I became a caregiver to my mom, who had dementia.

The Music Report For Today - August 21, 2018

The hit song on Google Music Shop today is; "It Should Be So Easy". You fans totally Rock. Fasten your seat belts; there's more news to come!

The Music Report For Today - August 19, 2018

The biggest hit song online now is "I'm A Refugee". The hit songs on Spotify are;
"What Are You So Afraid Of?"
"Black Coffee And Cigarettes"
"Take Me"
"Space Girls

Aretha Franklin Queen Of Soul Is Dead - August 16, 2018

Philadelphia mourn the loss and celebrates the life, music and legacy of Aretha Franklin. She sang for kings and queens and earned for herself the titl Queen of Soul. She died of cancer this morning in her Detroit home. She was 76.

White Naationalists Plan A Rally Across The Street From The White House But Police And Counter Protesters Are Ready - August 12, 2018

White Nationalists plan to rally in Wasington D.C. for a vigil called "Unite The Right Two". Non[violent counterprotesters also plan to demonstrate. In the one year wake of the killing in Carlottesville, Virginia, Police in D.C. plan to keep Neo-Nazis and protesters separated to avoid the violence and killng at last year's rally.

The Music Report For Today - August 1, 2018

The Top Cahill song on the worldwide web is "Illegal Punk Aliens". So many of you have made this song your hit. A close secondfor fave songs is "I'm A Refugee ". Stay tuned to his page for the month of August. Things are happening and the wheels are in spin. I should havve more info in two weeks or so. Pretty soon, we're gonna blast off!

The Music Report For Today - July 25, 2018

And the hits just keep on coming!
The fave songs are:
"Stranger On St. Mark's Place", "Space Girls", "Illegal Punk Aliens", "Black Coffee And Cigarettes", "The Dutchman", "I Reinvent", "It Should Be So EAsy", "I Don't Want To Lose You" and "Shimmy". These songs are selling at multiple venues; iTnes, Amazon, Spotify and the Google Music Store. Thank you so much, fans.

Friend News: John Carey In Waretown This Sunday - July 25, 2018

Working Bassist, John Carey, is on the road with an Eagles Cover Band. They are set to perform at Briars Green, Waretown, on Sunday night July 29th at 8pm. The show is sold out.

The Music Report For Today - July 23, 2018

"European Son" is a hit this month. It's currently a popular stream on Amazon.Thanks to all of you fans for listening.

Happy Fourth - July 4, 2018

Today, as we celebrate independence day here in the United States, it's got me thinking ahead to the future. You might have noticed that things have been pretty quiet here at Joe Cahill Music. There have been; no new album releases, no shows and no new music vidieos. But change is in the ai. There will be some exciting new things happening this fall. And you can read about it all here within the next two months or so. All I can say now is; that the News and Calendar sections of the site will become much more active soon. Keep posted to this page for more details. There's more news to come.

Debbie Harry Celebrates A Birthday Today - July 1, 2018

Blondie lead, Deborah Harry turns seventy three today. Happy Birthday, Debbie!

The Music Report For Today - June 9, 2018

Love, or at least lost love is in the air for some listeners this week. The hit songs today are: "I Think I still Love You" from Eclectic Plastic Factory" and What else, but, "I'm Blue". That never-ending hit from "Lost Weekends" just keeps coming back.

Eclectic Plastic Factory
Lost Weekends

Montauk Music Fest Updates - May 17, 2018

Here's the latest word on the Montauk Music Festival going on this wekend.
Melish will not be playing tonight. They've cancelled their gig, but the webmaster didn't update the page.
Nina Lee is playing the Montauk Yatch Club this evening at seven thirty. Bassist John Carey will NOT be appearing in Nina's shows tonight.
John is set to play in Nina Lee's band Tomorrow night and Saturday nght.
I saw their show at Rockwood on youtube. Great sound. Rock the house!

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Primaries Results are In - May 15, 2018

The G.O.P. race was aheated and contested battle. The winning candidate is Scott Wagner. Paul Mango lost the nomination. Laura Elsworth came in third place in the polls. There was much mud-slinging between Mango and Wagner, but that fight is over.

U.S. Embassy Moves To Jerusalem--Protests In Gaza - May 14, 2018

Today, the United States Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Donald Trump declars Jerusalem capital of Israel. Meanwhile, Palestinians protest in Gaza.

First Lady Hospitalized - May 14, 2018

Malania Trump was hospitalized tonight to treat a benign kidney umor. She is forty-eight years old and, is the only first lady to have surgery since Nancy Reagan.

Jewish Federation March In Philadelphia Today - May 14, 2018

Members of the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia marched today in honor of the seventieth anniversary of Isreal. They carried the flag of Israel and protested the murder of Palestinians. They say this never should have happened.

Tomorrow Coverage Leading Up To Royal Wedding Beins on abc 6 Axtion News & Good Morning America - May 14, 2018

Wedding bells will be ringing across the Atlantic in the uk. Prince Harry, son of the late Princess Diana and brother to Prince William, will be a bachelor no more. He and Meghan Markle are set to wed on Saturday. follow the news on abc6 starting on Tuesday and culminating with coverge of the Roual Wedding on Saturday. Love to cry at weddings? Then tune in!

Tomorrow Pennsylvania Holds primary Elections For Governatorial Candidates - May 14, 2018

On May fifteenth, registered Republican voters in the state of Pennsylvania will choose which candidate they want to run for Governor. The three candidates are; Scott Wagner, Paul Mango and Laura Elsworth. Governor Tom Wolf is running on the Democratic ticket for a second term.

Nina Lee To Perform at Montauk Music Fest May 17 18 and 19 - May 8, 2018

Singer/songwriter Nina Lee is set to perform in Montauk for their music festival. She will be playing two venues per day and aming her bandmates is my friend, Bassist John Carey. Best Wishe to Nina & John for a great show.

Music Report For Today - May 4, 2018

"Illgegal Punk Alen", "I'm A Refugee" and "Politically Avant Garde" are all hits in Asia. "Dont Make Me Top Now" is a hit in the U.S.
Thanks to all you fans. You totaly Rock.
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