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Joe Cahill: Links

Rolling Stone Magazine
The Online Home of Rolling Stone Magazine: The bible of Rock & Roll.
This is the wrbsite for PBS Channel thirteen in the metropolitan area. Here you have access to Sunday Arts, literature and the best in arts and entertainment.
Home of music videos and interviews and Brother Morphine. I just HAD to get that plug in.
The Online publication for Independent Musicians. Contains articles, album Reviews and links to Rock Festivals. And More.
Julia & Jaque
Julia Child teams up for a cooking show garunteed to make your mouth water. I get hungry every time I watch it.
The official Cher Website. Yeah. She started out as a folk singer, but don't hold that against her. She's cool and downright fascinating.
A great resource for indie artists. They've got everybody here from British pop--Chris Powers, Punk, JuryRigged and urban dance--Taihisha. If you're an indie artist or band looking for your online niche, then hitch your wagon to Starpolish.
John Lennon
Officil website of the late John Lennon: Singer, songwriter, ex-Beatle. Come visit and Imagine again.
Michael Jackson
The official website for the now King of Pop.
The Velvet Underground
Official website of the first Punk band: The Velvet Underground. Look for related websites, Lou Reed and Nico.
Find the weather forcast whether you live in the country of city. Just type in the zup code.
Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records. Home of Jazz, Punk, Dance and Pop Music.
Fiid Trip
Want to see the world and taste all the yummy dishes the world has to offer? You can from the comfort of your own living room chair. Watch Todd English and follow him around the world.
The place online for singers seeking emlloyment.
Sam Ash
Online music store. I used to buy all my sheet music here.
vagrant records
Famous Record company featuring emo and Punk.
Elektra Records
Record label featuring punk artists and dance and pop.
Geffen Records
Record label founded by David Geffen. This Record company specializes in Rock and Soul.
Sire Records
Record label founded by Seymour Stein.
j Records
J Records. founded by Clive Davis. This is a soul, jazz and blues lable.
Bowery Poetry Club Cafe
NY Punk and Spoken word poetry venue.
Kym Outer bridge Chocolate Box
Indie Disco Diva. Her sound has been compared to Donna Summer. Give her a listen.
Bruce Springsteen
Official website of the Boss of Rock and Roll.
Elvis Presley Site
The King of Rock.
Drayton Michaels Website
Official website for singer/guitarist, songwriter, Drayton Michaels. Give him a listen.
Maya Angelou
The legendary writer, poetess civil rightsd activist and singer, Maya Angelou.
Donna Summer
Singer Songwriter, awarding winning Recording Artist and Diva. Give her a listen she's no hype.
Reel Thirteen
Pick your favorite indie film to watch on Channel thirteen every Saturday night. Vote this week for your fave and watch it this weekend!!
Metro music
Search engine which serves as a directory for musicians, producers and engineers.
The Red Cross
Click this link to send relief to Haiti. Also call 1800 redcross.
josephine Baker official website
Singer, Dancer, Civil Rights fighter and legend.
Catch ABC News on the Internet.
Nina Simone on Myspace
Legendary singer musician. She called her style Black Classical. There are songclips and a podcast narrated by her daughter.
Lynda Carter Sings
TV's Wonder Woman is sTILL a Wonder. Listen to her soundclips, look at pics or buy merchandise.
VH1 News
Get the inside Story on the current pop music scene at vh1 News.
Diane Fosse Gorilla Fund
This institution was founded by the real life womanm Diane Fosse, upon who's life the film Gorillas In The Mist was based.
The John Carey Artist page at CDBaby
The three CDs recorded by Bassist, guitarist, producer John Carey.
New York City based Singer, songwriter, keyboard player, Here, there is audio pics and a link to Emiko's CD Here Lies Tinkerbell Update! Emiko no longer resides in NYC. She recently moved to the UK with her husband. Check out her website and red about her activities.
Lou Reed on Myspace
The legednary Punk Rock icon on page includes photos soundclips and links
Save The Trees
This is Nate's website. He lives in California, and, he lives up a tree. He made his tv debut with Justine Shapiro on Globetrekker. Thousand year old trees are rare and if you agree with Nate then check out his website.
This is a cool Punk band at CDBaby and this page is their first CD. They remind me of The Lost Boys.
Flogging Molly
Irish Rock Band. Click link and listen!!!
This is a cool new tv show on WNJN, a sort of introspective travel show hosted by Joseph Rosendo
Is anybody trying to get in touch with you? Find out on Type in your name and find messages for free. Is your life calling? Find out today on!!
Library of Congress
The online source for Electronic publications. Copyright your work online.
whyy tv Radio And internet
W.H.Y>y. Channle twenty four in South Jersey, is a Delaware Based cable channel serving Southern New jersey, philadelphia and Delaware residents. Watch the local arts scene or a great PBS Documentary. And log on to their FM Radio station.
Walking Fish Theatre
Walking Fish Theatre located in Kensington hosts shows by local talents, artists, playwrights and many others. Check out their new season.
Turner Classic Movies
All your fave Classic Hollywood films and some you weren't looking for.
iTunes Music
Download your favorite songs on iTunes.
Find more mp3's at Rhapsody. Click the link and buy your fave songs today.
Smash Studios
NYC Based Rehearsal and Performance space. Som3e of their shows appeared on HBO.
Spin Magazine
Do you want to be in the loop when it comes to all the news on your fave recording artists? Then click this link and get the Spin at Spin Magazine.
Vanishing Acts
The latest CD from Joe Cahill. Vanishing Acts is an around the world party of Punk Fusion. There's a diverse mix of NY Punk, LA Surfer Punk, some new Wave, Soul and even of all things Brazilian Punk!
Bootleg Blondie FaceBook
My friends from London, the Bootlegs, are now the number 1 Blondie Tribute Band in Europe...and they're on FaceBook!
The Michael Smerconish Program
Speaker, author, Radio host and guest anchorman of HardBallj \ With Chris Matthews. Michael Smerconish did a top notch job hosting HardBall for the week of August 12, 2013, I decided to add hos site to my links page. Click on the title to watch him on HardBall or, hear him on the raDIO AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.
Justin Lee Bass
Back in 2002, I put together my first band. The Bass player was Justin Lee. He graduated from Montclair State two years later and became a marching band director. Today he's part of a Jazz trio, playing in Asbury Park and New York City. Visit HIS site and treat yourself to some cool music.
Go Go's
The Go Go's is the famous all girl band that started back in the Punk era. Fronted by Bellinda Carslyle, read more news about the gals on their official site.
Bellinda Carlisle
Singer, author and Front Person of The Go Go's the famous all girl Punk band. This is Bellinda Carlisle's official Site.
Carmen Miranda Site
The official website of singing, danncing film legend, Carmen Miranda. The homepage features Brazilian songs by theCarmen herslef. Fun site.
Antonette Goroch
Antonette Goroch is the lead singer of the Amazon Mollies, Liesl's Wet Dress and The Hobbyists. She is now also a solo artist. Visit her site and listen to her CD's. I was happy to find her online again after the Mollies went on hiatus.
Tina Turner Official Site
This is the Tina Turner Website. Here you can listen to and purchase Tina's newest compilation album of Love Songs and, other albums from her discography, including her early work as part of the duo Ike & Tina.
Carrera Freaky Deaky Dutch At CDBaby
Carrera is a Punk band from the Netherlands,. You can buy their album at the CDBaby store.
Meyerbeer Fan Club
Online Since 1997, this site is the official fan club of noted German Composer Giacamo Meyerbeer. He wrote operas and symphonies. He made his mark in Paris with the grand opera Robert Le Diable--Robert The Devil Hos works are rarely performed today, but one can find box set recordings of "Robert" from 2001 and later from England, Germany and France.
Welcome To Sing Arlettte Sing.Com
Official Site of Singer Arlette Roxburgh. There's a youtube video of original songs as well as her performances at the Jersey Devils Games. Also other music venues, concerts and albums on the site.
The Donna Summer Fan Club
This is a site for fans to honor and celebrate the music legacy of Donna Summer
Rick Steves Official Site
Rick Steves gives yo money saving tips on Eropean travle. Now you can follow him online via his official website. Read newsletters and order dvds of Ricks Steves Europe.
Green Day Official Site
This is the official website for the punk band Green Day. Buy music, T shirts, find out about tours and more.
Loving Arms Shelter
This is a hostel for homeless teens and is lovated in Baltimore , Maryland. Visit the site and se how you can hel.
Drug Rehab In Baltimore
This is a website bult to help combat the continuing problem of drug addiction in Baltimore, Maryland. This site offers rehab facilities and advice to help addicts get off drugs.
Hunam Gardens
Welcome to Joe Cahill's favorite place to dine! The wonton soup, steam dumplings and shrimp with garlic sauce are superb. But don't stop there, check out their menu and order what you like! If you're here in Freddericksburg and want to go out instead of ordering in, then come to Hunam Gardens.
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