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Joe Cahill: Links

The Official Fall Website
The official website for The Fall; an indie Punk band from Britain. They made some noise with some singles like "Totally Wired". Thissiteincludes a bio, discography and news.
Ron Vreeland
NJ Based Singer/Songwriter Guitarist. Ron is the front man for a local band The Killers. As of last summer, he was working on a new album and has some soundclips on youtube.
NewsWorks W.H.Y.Y
NewsWorks is an online site powered by Delaware's locla PBS channel W.H.Y.Y . It's geared towards you, the viewer and is a place where you can make the news.
Besides reality tv and trash show, this music channel still has some good Rockumentaries and they support Music in the schools. So visit their site and share your views.
Now you can enjoy Bizet's masterpiece, the opera Carmen in three D. Don't miss it!!!
The Official neyo Website
Website for the newest legendary Soul Artist. They call him the next Michael Jackson. But what he is is a great singer/songwriter. visit his Site and judge for yourself.
The Elizabeth Taylor Official Website
Legdendary actress and humanitarian. This site is taking a snooze today, but stay tuned, I'm sute the webmasters will wake up son.
Diana Ross Website
Star Supreme and Diva of Motown. You can go to her site and hear her legendary soul and pop hits.
Mark Zukerberg's social networking Site. There are many indie singer songwriters on this site and also many celebs and news personalities as well. if it's your bag then dig in.
Social networking site. I Witness News Weather man Lee Goldberg has a page here, NJ governor Chris Christy has a page, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears Regis, Oprah and many others, also the President Barrac Obama has a twitter page. So if Tweet is your thing sign up and sing.
Verve Records
This is the famous record label which featured such legends as Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald. Also the classical Velvet Underground album "White Light White Heat' is on the Verve label. Verve Records, you Rock!!!
Tenth Street Entertainment
New York's Lower East Side management for indie and established artists. Famous bands include Blondie.
Reverb Nation Records
This label was formerly Tommy Boy Records and is now a British/American label. One of the featured artists on here is my friend Emiko.
Chrysalis Records
British Based Record company with U.S. offices, Chrysalis was responsible for the Ris of Blondie in America and Britain. They're still around so give them a shout out.
RCA Records
RCA Records, this is the label that discovered Elvis Presley and many others. Visit the official website.
MCA Records
MCA Records signed olivia Newton John in the seventies and distributed the original London studio album Jesus Christ Superstar among many other historical music acts.
Online music store. You can download your fave mp3's . My songs from Framed ate a hit here.
Carly Simon Website
Carly Simon songwriter, recording artist. See her video and hear her music.
Alice Cooper Website
Alice Cooper Rock icon. This is his official website. You can order a copy of Old School on the homepage.
Bret Michaels
He's a Rock star, a dad and a reality tv star. And this is Bret's official home on the web.
Columbia Records
Home of Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Barbra Streisand and many more.
Writer's Digest
This is the website for an official writer's club. You can also buy books and zines from their website. Lots of helpful stuff.
Hotel Yotel
A japanese style hotel in the heart of little old New York. A Yotel has all the innovations and comforts of a touristy lodging in Tokyo, except it is in times square. Best of all, there are rooms for only a hundred and forty nine dollars a night.
A nationwide gigfinder for music directors, soloists and choral singers. Amateur and professional positions listed.
The Standard Music Venue
A highly recommendeed venue for Rock Music in England.
Pre Madonna On CDBaby
In 1981, Stepehn Bray produced a demo recording for a then unknown track singer named Madonna L
Armstrong jr.
Indie Disco Artist. he has a New Wave EEurodance sound mixed with a cutting edge
Cross Catholic is a wmission which helps people in Brazil, Haiti and here in the U.S. If you want to make a difference and like making charitable donations online, click onto this.
Comcast tv now has more digital services including advertizing. you can go to their Site and browse around.
Europe's hot internet music store is coming to the U.S.A. They're already selling Joe Cahill songs in Europe and they made "Don't Make Me Stop Now" a hit. Click on the link and visit them.
Karen Kohler Website
Karen Kohler: Another CDBaby Artist worth listening to. She has a jazz album and, most recently a Marlene Dietrich tribute album with German language songs from The Blue Angel and other Dietrich Classic musicals. Listen to her sing "Falling In Love Again" in a light Soprano's not to be missed.
Food And Wine At Amazon
Usually, I only buy music and Books from this store, but they also have a good selection of wine and cheese. if you can't get out to the store and have access to a computer, shop for the feast here@@
MTV has had it's critics over the years. Many say that videos ruin the music. But for others it's kpet them working and has helped to keep artist's images alive in the public memory. Some indie and or unknown artists have recently benefited from
Super Buddha Music
Located in Brooklyn, New York, this team of songwriters, producers mixers and music video makers has been around since 1981. They've worked with major talents such as Blondie's Debbie Harry, Lady Ga Ga and indie acts such as The Mystic Underground.
Online store featuring the best in independent music.
This site is dedicated to promoting artists through heavy internet exposure, live concerts, press releases and Radio airplay.
Matt Mead Website
NJ-based Singer/guitarist/songwriter. He's performing a show on the web next month on Evolving Artist TV. Matt perfroms 172 shows a year and is the MC at the Luna Stage's Open Mic Nite.
David Bowie Official Site
Since the making of 'Kaleidoscope", people have been comparing my Rock sound to that of David Bowie. Local journalists and casual observers alike have pointed to a Bowie-esque sound in such songs as "Space Girls", "Fantasia" and several other tunes. Now here's your chance to compare. Feel free to write in with your observations.
Best Buy
Now you can get Joe Cahill products at BestBuy
Stop Global Warming
Click here and join the virtual march
Every year come December, I take my virtual trip south of the border to Brazil. It's summer in Rio as of this writing and that sounds just cool to me. I can't really go this year, but I've ben tracking this site for years and it's really grown up in the past five years. Plan your Brazilian getaway here. And send me a postcard.
The official Website of Iggy Pop.
ROIR Records Website
Record label featuring many punk and hard rock acts including Nico and MC5.
The official website of my favorite magazine; Punk Planet.
The Hobbyists
Yup, Antonette has formed another band. This time with singer/guitarist Greg Turner. Go to their website, or to their MySpace page and check out the cool sound.
Clothes Off Our Back
Golden Globe auction and charity fundraiser. Please be generous.
Official Lou Reed Website
Lou Reed; former lead of the Velvet Underground and solo act. The epitome of East Village Punk and Fringe Rock.
Depression Hurts
Yes, there are physical conditons linked to depression. Click on this link and read all about it.
Strobelight Records
Austria Based Record company specializing in deathrock, goth Rock and best of all...Punk Rock.
The CBGB'S Page on MySpace
Here is the offical CBGB'S page. They're closing in october but will relocate. Go to this page and talk to them.
The Seattle Caviar Company
This is the official site for Caviar, whether it's American, Russian, or iranian osetra, this site has it.
John Carey Website
Everything you ever wanted to know about Bass player John Carey.
Punk Music Community
This is a news bulletin area posting releases from the uS and Canada.
Bootleg Blondie Website
The official website of my friends from London, Debbie and the Boys. Bootleg Blondie is London's number one Blondie tribute band. Fronted by Debbie Harris, the band has the sound of the original Blondie and Harris bears a haunting resemblance to her heroine Debbie Harry.
The Thunder Boys Page @ MySpace
The Thunder Boys from Ventura California.They Rock!
MySpace webpage of UK based singer/songwriter, Annalisa. Lisa is also the lead singer of the Blondie Tribute Band plastic Letters. There are a lot of Blondie Tribute bands in the UK.
Jon Dacks
Website of NY based singer/songwriter/guitarist Jon Dacks.
Plastic Letters
British Blondie Tribute Band featuring AnnaLisa.
The Artist's Way
The official website for the book by Julia Cameron--The Artist's Way clears the path for blocked creatives and does away with age old stereotypes. I've red the book and still keep my Morning pages Journal. If you haven't read the book, go to this website.
Punk Bunny
This duo hails from L.A. Give their music a listen.
Dashboard Confessional Official Website
Website of the Punk Emo band Dashboard Confessional fronted by Chris Carrabba.
Log on to this site to stop the genocide at Darfur.
Natalie Goldberg
The official website of Zen Writer, poet and practicioner, Natalie Goldberg. I often quote her writings on my site and in conversations about writing.
The Rhythm And Blues Foundation Site
The online home of the R&B Foundation located in the Chess Studios Building in Chicago.
InterScope Records And A&M Records
Home of cutting edge music, all genres.
Atlantic Sound
Brooklyn based recording studio. State of the art equipment.
Society of Singers
Non profit organization giving food financial aid and help to professional singers.
Hear The World
Organization started by Placido Domingo.
Rodent Records
San Francisco based indie label featuring The Amazon Mollies, Chtntings, Gilding The Lily, The Pirate Band, Liesl's Wet Dress and The Hobbyists.
FRO Page At myspace
Rock, jazz, Funk Fusion Guitarist FRO aka Harold Davis jr.
Free Yon Page At myspace
Free Yon is a Trenton, NJ based Punk Band and they're setting the college Rock Scene on fire.
The Hamburg Ramones
A German Rock Band paying tribute to The Ramones. Their new CD is entitled 'Free Phil Splector".
FRO Website
The Harold Davis Site.
David Bowie Tribute
Thsi Myspace page is not run by the man himself, but is a fitting salute to all he's done for music.
The Ramones Official Site
This is the place for diehard Ramones fans.
Marky Ramone
This is the myspace home for Marky Ramone. Includes songclips, pics, videos and blogs.
Fish The
A Japanese Indie Music promotional company. Provides exposure for Indie Artists from around the world. Reasonable prices.
The History Channel Home Page
Here, you can view the show lineup for the History Channel, or buy DVD's of your favorite shows.
I'm not a fan of talk shows or talk show hosts. But in this case I'll make an exception. Oprah Winfrey has done a great thing building a girls' school in South Africa. She's using her celebrity and wealth to better the lives of the poor. To find out more, click on
Rock n Renew
Join the bands and fans on this website and help save the planete. Click the link above to learn how.
A uk-based electronica band headed by Mark Bruce. Site contains vidoes, soundclips and lyrics. Also; check out Mark's Blondie tribute page filled with memorabilia.
Lydia's Italy
A tv show and cbook devoted to all things Italy; people, places and best of
John Carey Cl
The new CD from sing/songwriter/guitarist and bassist John Carey. it's a mix of Steve Miller Band, Cheryl crow and David Bowie. I hear lots of R&B ska fusion in it, too. A very clever pop album.
The Toy Dolls Official Website
The Toy Dolls are a IL based Punk band. Site includes news, discography bio and photo gallery.
Live Earth
The concert to Stop Global Warming which took place on July 7th. Here's the website. You can still go to it and learn how you can help avert a crisis.
The official Website of Deborah Harry
Deborah Harry, Blondie's Front person Blonde, has had a long and illustrious career. Besides her new wave punk pop mod rock band, she's sung with the jazz Passengers, and had a string of solo albums and singles. Now, Debbie's got a new album coming out in September~~~~~Necessary Evil. Watch for it!!!
The Official Site for Author Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker Levanthal is the daughter of pulitzer prize Winner Alice Walker. She's the Author of 'Black, White And Jewish", her memoir.
Larry Hut Ministries
Pastor Larry has earned the distinction of being on my Links page because so far he is the obly cleric in Christendom to give a praiseworthy sermon on President Obama.
Save Kodac
Digital Pics are trendy and maybe cool, but real photos rule, baby!! Save kodac, and tell them Joe Sent You!!!
Pillar To Post
This website has a new url and I've updated it. Home inspector Wesley Goble serving Ocean County.
Hillary Clinton
The official website for our secretary of state. See what Hillary is up to today.
You can watch videos on You Tube, espceiallly mine !! Just type in their search engine "Joe Cahill Interview" and you'll find it on the second heading of the results. Enjoy the virtual world.
Spain On The Road Again
Mark, Mario, Claudia and Gwenith wine and dine thru the cities and countryside of sunny Spain. Read the cookbook and catch the dvd.
Ian, Meg, Josh, Justine and the gang travel to Iran, Egypt, Africa, Memphis and Los Angeles on Globetrekker. Check out the website and buy CD's of the soundtrack.
Joe Cahill Politically Avant Garde
The latest CD from Joe Cahill. After my accident, I had varioous forms of physical therapy from November 2007 to April 2008. Then I made the trek to Vernon, NJ to record THIS CD. It's about Punk in NYC, off beat and off the wall ideology and declaration of self, Punks from outspace and writer's block. Check it out!!
Joe Cahill BACK IN BLUe
Recorded Books
For those of you who like audio books, I found a copoy of Baldwin' Harlem at my local library. Let me say, it rocks!!!
Eyewitness News Site
Get your news fix even when you're nOT watching tv. Just click here and stop, look and listen.
Books, movies and all kinds of music, even from indie artists.
Musuc Dish
This site is an online magazine for musicians and fans. You can watdch vidoes are read interviews by artists producers and other industry insiders. i believe they interviewed John Carey last summer.
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